Our Mission

The Hope Fieldhouse mission is to enhance and enrich the lives of children and their families within our community by providing a quality athletic facility that is purposeful, safe, and fun.

Our Objectives


To provide much needed quality court space for the youth programs in our community.


To provide a “home base” for adaptive athletic programs.


To provide a place where families can enjoy being physically active together.


To provide a central location for community members & visitors to embrace fitness, athletics, and socially fulfilling opportunities.


To provide Rosemount with a high-caliber centralized facility that can host athletic tournaments & competitions.

Our Principles

We recognize that competitive sports can seem daunting, even intimidating at times to our youth. That said, we also recognize the important opportunities and lessons that are often forged from stirring the competitive fires of kids. When healthy competition is fostered in a safe and high-quality environment, the benefits can be immeasurable. Bringing forth maximum effort, overcoming odds, managing nerves & fear, risk-taking, coping skills, accountability, and fulfilling commitment are just some of the many ways that Hope can be ingrained into our youth for a lifetime.
It is our profound belief that the only failure in life comes in not attempting. Ultimately, it is what we DO that defines us. When shown their possibilities, our youth can feel the momentum that comes from taking action…any action…that moves them forward. Actions contain the symbolic power to dissolve fears, build self-confidence, and restore Hope.
Serving as both an advocate and a safe refuge for adapted athletics is a core fundamental of the Hope Fieldhouse vision. We embrace the the opportunity to help our youth understand, accept, and value human differences. We recognize that providing youth with disabilities access to the same community programs that their parents would choose for them if they did not have disabilities is far too rare. We strive to create a venue that cultivates Hope through a culture of safety and belonging.

Your Gift Makes A Difference



P.O. Box 419
Rosemount, MN 55068
(612) 655-5331


Hope Fieldhouse is a certified 501(c)(3) organization.