How is Hope Fieldhouse (HF) affiliated with Community of Hope Church (COH)?
There is a land lease between Hope Fieldhouse and COH, and that is all.   COH is an important supporter of the HF vision.
What specifically does “faith-based athletics” mean?
Faith-based athletics focuses on the FULL development of youth competitors, not just the physical aspect.  Existing faith-based AAU basketball & JO volleyball programs are currently looking for regular indoor court space and a place to call home that is in alignment with their program values.
Is Hope Fieldhouse a religious organization?
Hope Fieldhouse is NOT a religious organization.  However, it will operate with a core mission to love & serve the community at-large in a way that promotes inclusiveness and excellence.
What specific other amenities will be available at HF, aside from court space?
There will be a well-equipped fitness area that will used by members of the facility.  A member can access the fitness area and use the gym space during open times. Additionally, there will be locker rooms, multi-purpose space, offices, concessions, and tenant space(s).
Is Rosemount Area Athletic Association (RAAA) given priority/exclusivity over other athletic associations in the area?
RAAA will be given priority in scheduling practices and tournaments.  Once RAAA has been allocated their times, then the remaining open hours will be made available to other organizations or programs.
How will this facility sustain itself financially?

What makes this facility unique from others in the area is that there will be multiple different sources of revenue to sustain operations throughout the year:

  • Court rental fees
  • Membership fees
  • Leasing tenant space
  • Concessions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Fundraising events
Any baseball /softball training amenities?
Once HF raises the minimum equity required for the lender,  additional amenities that might benefit community programs will be considered and prioritized based on needs and demand.
Are the floor plans finalized?
No, the floor plan renderings are not complete and are actively being developed to optimize the space based on community and partnership needs.  The plans will be finalized upon completion of fundraising efforts.

Hope Fieldhouse is a certified 501(c)(3) organization.