How Can I Help?

If you support the Hope Fieldhouse vision and are eager to offer support but are just not sure how, there are several ways for YOU to make a big impact…



We have started with a small core team of committed and passionate organizers, but this will truly be a community effort.  If you are willing to make a very modest commitment of your time , cumulatively you can make a real difference.  We are simply looking for active advocates for the project to help build a groundswell of support, while also offering your personal introductions/connections to other key partners or supporters.  

Advanced Gift or Founding Sponsorship

If you have it on your heart and within your giving plans to make a “legacy-size” impact on our capital campaign, we have established some key partnership thresholds on our Capital Campaign page that we would welcome discussion of with you or your organization.  We also understand that although many in our community desire to contribute at a “Founding Donor” level, this can be challengiing within the giving plans of some.  Therefore, we are pleased to accept long-term pledges from both private donors and businesses alike via our Pledge page. 


In-kind gifts are contributions of goods or services, other than cash funds.  Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Equipment/Goodslike computers, software, furniture, sports equipment, construction materials, etc…
  • Services/Labor
  • Expertise, like legal, tax, or business services; marketing and website development; and strategic planning

Corporations and businesses are increasingly preferring to support projects this way for a multitude of reasons. Contact us you would like to discuss options for in-kind support.

Donate $$

We are equipped to accept your cash gift in any form you find most convenient.  You can give online via our Give page either direct thru your bank or via credit card (with no fees charged to you).  You may also give via phone, check or cash if you choose…please contact us directly for delivery and tax documentation arrangements.

Donate Stock or Assets

With the recent performance of the equity markets, there can be tremendous tax advantages to donating things like appreciated stock, private equity investments, and insurance policies.  We encourage you to consult your financial professional to explore these benefits.  Otherwise, we have a Creative Giving team that would be happy to help.

Throw a Party!

If you or your organization have a program, product, venue, or event that you already use for other misc fundraising, we would welcome the opportunity to participate in it with Hope Fieldhouse as the benefactor.

Like & Share our Facebook page

One of the easiest ways that you can support our mission is to Like/Follow/Share our Facebook Page here!

Hope Fieldhouse is a certified 501(c)(3) organization.