Hope Fieldhouse is a go

Nov 21, 2019

By Andy Rogers

Loan signed Monday
After two years of planning and $2 million in fundraising, Hope Fieldhouse plans to ceremoniously break ground this weekend.

Dan Corley, one of Hope Fieldhouse’s founders, said the organization closed on its construction loan Monday with Choice Bank.

Hope Fieldhouse will be a 42,000-square-foot facility at the corner of Biscayne Avenue and 145th Street next to Hosana Lutheran Church, formerly known as the Community of Hope Church.

“I think we’re all just happy for everyone that worked on the project and that donated, and really, for everyone in this community,” Corley said. “I think it’s going to be a complete blessing for residents.”

Although it’s late in the construction season, Corley said they’ve been anticipating this date for the last month and have lined up contractors to start.

“We hope to start moving some dirt,” Corley said. “If it were January, it might be a different story.”

Corley said the complex is about six to eight months from opening.

The Fieldhouse will be home to four full-sized basketball courts, a fitness center, walking track, concession stand and locker room. They have two commercial tenants lined up including Crossfit 5885 and Optimum Chiropractic and Performance Rehab.

The courts will be available to youth, high school, adaptive and college athletes for any sport played on a court, something that has been hard to come by in Rosemount.

About two years ago, a group of residents were inspired to find a solution to a lack of court space in the community.

They said Rosemount currently has three courts available to residents, compared to 22 in Lakeville, 15 in Farmington, and seven in Cannon Falls.

“We wanted the kids in our community to have the same opportunity as other kids in other communities,” Corley said.

Athletic associations have been scrambling for court time and tournaments were often being held outside city limits.

Organizers began designing the building, forging partnerships, finding tenants, and raising money right away.

“All the logistics for starting a new business,” Corley said. “It took a while.”

There were some ups and downs.

“We had a goal of raising $1.5 million, but with the time that went by, and the steel tariffs, we actually had to come up with a $2 million down payment on the construction loan to start,” Corley said.

Last summer they did some outreach with a Hoops for Hope basketball tournament and started connecting with people during Leprechaun Days with hopes of better communicating their long-term goal.

“People started to understand our heart for the community and what we wanted to do,” Corley said. “We got some more donations and volunteers. … We’re grateful to the community for supporting us. When you have a blueprint and idea, when people can get behind that and donate $2 million, we feel blessed.”

Although it would be built on the church’s land, organizers have stressed in the past that it’s not a religious organization, and it will be open to all.

Organizers anticipate 100,000 people would make use of the facility every year. It would be home to at least 20 tournaments and events annually.

The Rosemount City Council approved the plans for the facility in 2018.

The fundraising effort was expansive. They received significant donations from Minnesota Viking Kirk Cousins; former Minnesota Viking and Rosemount High school graduate Tom Compton, and Minnesota Viking C.J. Ham. They also lined up number of founding sponsors.

Corley said they also a forged partnership with the Rosemount Area Athletic Association and the Eastview Athletic Association.

While the Rosemount City Council approved an advertising agreement last summer, Hope Fieldhouse is a private nonprofit.

Rosemount city officials are still in talks with the YMCA about a potential indoor recreational facility partnership, which is separate from Hope Fieldhouse.

There’s an open house scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Dec. 9 the Banquet Hall of the Community Center to discuss the next step of a possible indoor recreational facility.

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