Hope Fieldhouse


Saturday, October 28, 2023


Before October 9: $90
After October 9: $100
$25 off a person if they chose to be in 2nd Division


Entry fees less expenses will go to families in our community that need our love and support.


• Lunch
• Full access to HF for the day
• Swag bag for each participant
• 1st, 2nd, 3rd place medals
• T-Shirt (Must register by Oct. 13th)
• Chance to change lives with your donations.
• Raffle


• Round Robin Games and Pool Play Games will be game to 15 win by 1
• Bracket play games will be games to 15 win by 2. Once you reach the semi-final and final game it will be the best 2 out of 3 games to 11 win by 2.
• 2 min. maximum time to warm up before game (plan accordingly)
• In pool play game, the team listed on the left hand side of the schedule gets to decide whether they want to serve or side. If you don’t know which team is on the left then come up with your own method of deciding who serves first. In Bracket Play the higher seed gets the choice in the first game of serve or side.
• Pool play switch sides when one team reaches 7. In Bracket play only switch sides at the end of the first game. If a third game is needed, switch sides at 6 of the third game.
• One time out per team per game is allowed.
• One representative from each team reports the score to the scorers table. Please do this together.
• All games will be self-officiated

55+ Open doubles

7AM check in.
8AM start.

Mixed Doubles

7:00AM check in.
8AM start.

Men’s Double

12PM check in
1 PM start

Women’s Doubles

12PM check in
1PM start