Meet the Pickleball Trainers

Anthony Nguyen

Anthony Nguyen has been playing tennis since he was 7 years old until now and loves the sport. In the mid of 2020, he started playing pickleball and the more he plays the more he loves it. His passion is provide lessons that are engaging and dynamic and will help people to improve their skills so they can enjoy the game love the sport!

Hours of Personal Training

Monday – Friday | 9am – 2pm

Ray Gainey

Ray Gainey is a member of the USA Pickleball Association and certified as a pickleball coach by the professional pickleball registry. He enjoys welcoming new players to the sport and helping players take their game to the next level. Ray enjoys pickleball for the exercise and health benefits along with the social aspect of the game.

Hours of Personal Training

Monday & Wednesday | 9am – 2pm


Guest: Front Desk

Member: Front Desk or App


During the summer, weather permitting, pickleball lessons will be held outside at a local park. Please connect with the front desk to see what park to meet Anthony at.

Session Times & Pricing

1 on 1
10am & 12pm



(No more than 4 in a group)

9am, 10am, 1pm