Rules & Regulations


  1. All games may start and be completed with any number of players (3,2,1). 
  2. Both teams will warm-up at the same time prior to the start of the game. 
  3. Only those teams scheduled to play are allowed to occupy the court at the scheduled time. 
  4. Teams must be at their court at the scheduled game time, even if games are “running behind” for any reason (inclement weather, slow play, etc…).  The final point of reference for scheduling procedures shall be the Bracket Area, not verbal information provided by a Game Official.  The players are ultimately responsible for obtaining accurate scheduling information and being at their court to play when their game is to begin.  Game time is forfeit time.    
  5. SPECIAL NOTE: We suggests that you be at your court 15 minutes before the scheduled game time and stay there until your game is played. 
  6. No dunking allowed – warm ups or games.  Any participant registered to play in the Gus Macker tournament observed dunking on any basket at any time may be dismissed from the tournament.  Entry fee will not be refunded.  (Exception – Slam Dunk Contest)


Time Limit/Scoring

  1. A field goal is worth 1 point. 
  2. A successful goal from behind a designated line (approximately 16‟9”) is worth 2 points.  The player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating the attempt. 
  3. The following scoring rules apply: 15 points win by 2, up to a maximum of 20 points. (example: 15-13, 18-16, 20-19). 
  4. All games (Adult & Junior) will have a 25-minute time limit. The official starting time will be recorded by the Official on the score sheet.  The official time will be under the jurisdiction of the Official. (The “clock” will be stopped only during timeouts – regular and/or injury.) 
  5. The team leading at the end of 25 minutes will be declared the winner. 
  6. If the game is tied after 25 minutes of play and no team has reached the required number of points to win the game, the Official will flip a coin to determine team possession.  The first team to score will win the game


Timeouts and Subs

  1. Each team is allowed one (1) one minute time-out per game.  Exception: 40 and over division is allowed two (2) one minute time-outs per game.   
  2. If play is stopped by a teammate or the Official to attend to an obvious injury, then the injured player must sit out at least until the next dead ball. 
  3. Player substitution is permitted during any dead ball situation.


Live Ball/Dead Ball/ Possession

  1. The team that fundraised the most money will start with the ball. If tied coin flip before the start of the game will determine who gets the ball out-of-bounds first. 
  2. The ball will change possession after each scored basket (i.e. no possession/no make it take it). 
  3. Jump balls will be called by the Official and will go to the defense. (Not alternating possession) 
  4. The top, bottom and sides of the backboard are in play; however, the back of the backboard and the support structure of the basket are not in play. 
  5. The ball must be checked by an opposing player before it is put into play.  The player must pass the ball in while standing out-of-bounds at the top of the court to begin play. 
  6. All fouls and violations will be played out-of-bounds at the top of the court. 
  7. A ball out-of-bounds will be taken out at the top of the court. 
  8. The ball must be “taken back” to the marked line on the court on every change of possession.  “Taking back” means both feet and the ball behind the take back line.  Violation occurs only if a basket is made by the team failing to properly “take it back”, and will result in loss of point scored and possession of the ball will go to the other team.  If the ball is not “taken back” and then advanced, any other violation, common foul, offensive foul, intentional, flagrant or technical foul called by the official will be honored.  Exception:  If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and makes the basket prior to properly “taking it back” the foul will be honored; however, no points will be awarded.   
  9. 5-Second Rule.  When taking the ball out-of-bounds, a player shall have five (5) seconds to put the ball into play.  A player shall also have five (5) seconds to initiate any free throw attempt.  In either case, the Official is responsible for determining when a violation occurs, which will result in loss of possession of the ball.  
  10. Any infraction of these regulations will result in loss of possession of the ball.


Fouls and Free Throws

  1. All Shooting fouls will be handled in the following manner:  A. When the basket is made – count the basket and whether the ensuing free throw is made or missed, possession goes to the defensive team. B. When the basket is missed – if the free throw is made, possession goes to the defensive team.  If the free throw is missed, the offensive team retains possession. NOTE: One (1) free-throw will be awarded to the fouled player, even if fouled in the act of attempting a shot from behind the 2-point line.
  2. Non-shooting fouls – on and after the 7th team foul – will be handled in the following manner: 
  3. If the free throw is made, possession goes to the defensive team. B. If the free throw is missed, the offensive team retains possession. C. If a foul is committed as time runs out, a free throw will be awarded to the fouled player. 
  4. All free throws are dead balls. 


  1. FREE THROW OPTION: in any free throw situations, (including technical fouls), the designated shooter may at his or her option choose to shoot from the free-throw line for one (1) point, OR from behind the 2 point line for 2 points.  In either case, the player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating and completing the attempt.  If the 2 point shot is chosen, the non-shooting team will be awarded the ball regardless of whether the shot is successful or not (Exception: Technical Fouls). 


Technical Fouls, Ejections

We ask all participants to understand that this is a fun family event and ask all participants to be on their best behavior.

  1. DEFINITION: The Official may assess a Technical Foul for any misconduct, flagrant, or intentional fouls committed by a player(s). This may include:  A Contact Foul intended to hurt an opponent, fan or Official, Vulgar or verbally abusive behavior, Other misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Official (e.g. intentionally kicking the ball, etc….) or A contact foul designed to neutralize an opponent’s obvious advantageous position. 
  2. PENALTY:  A choice between two (2) Free Throws from the Free Throw Line (15-ft.) for one (1) point each, OR two (2) shots from behind the 2 point line for 2 points each will be awarded to the offended team. In either case, the player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating and completing the attempt.  The Team Captain may designate the player to shoot.  The Offended Team will retain possession of the ball whether the shots are made or missed. Any player committing two (2) Technical Fouls in a game is automatically ejected from that game and his/her teams‟ next game. 
  3. Fighting and/or „Throwing a Punch‟ automatically results in an ejection assessed against the players(s) involved. Free Throws will be awarded as described above and will result in immediate dismissal of the player(s) from the tournament. 
  4. A Technical Foul will be counted as a Team Foul. 
  5. Continuous misconduct, intentional and or flagrant fouling by a team or player may result in dismissal from the game or tournament at the discretion of the Official or other Tournament Officials. 



  1. All women’s divisions and 10 and under age divisions will use the intermediate size basketball. 
  2. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed for players or spectators consumption on-site. 
  3. HIV/AIDS – The Game Officials, or Medical Personnel shall order any player who is bleeding or has blood on his/her skin, shirts, shorts or uniform to leave the game for appropriate treatment.  The player may not return until the bleeding has been stopped, the injury covered with medical dressing and the player’s clothing is rid of any bloodstains.  Re-entry into the game will be at the discretion of the Official.  Return to the game must take place on a dead ball situation. 
  4. The Team Captain is always the team spokesperson, not a coach, parent, spectator, or one of the other players.  We ask that all coaches and parents play “the role of a spectator only”. 
  5. Jewelry (earrings, rings, watches, etc…), hats, bandanas, and/or casts are not allowed to be worn by players during tournament games.  Any player that refuses to remove any such item prior to play, is not eligible to participate in that game.

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